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When it comes to flexible factory and office partitioning ideas, price and design, you can count on us.

We have proven our unique construction abilities in factory and office partitioning through our many years of existence both in Nigeria and the International market alike, our flexible factory and office partitioning services is being used by notable companies thereby proving that we stand for quality.

  • Superstructure Lifespan of 25years
  • Standardized Details
  • No welding or adjustments
  • Assemble on site
  • Transportable
  • Connectable to Large spaces

Partitioning: It is widely used for dividing offices, to separate building internal spaces to create different sections.

Wall Cladding: These are mostly used by financial institutions, corporate offices, widely used to create neat and insulated buildings, covering the outer parts of building.

Partitioning: This comprises of the use of sandwich panels, glass frames, aluminium fabrications depending on the intended partitioning idea and plan.

Wall Cladding: This comprises of the use of sandwich panels, also known as insulated panels, quick wall materials to create the necessary wall cladding features

Partitioning: Highly Sustainable depending on the condition of the space, maintenace of the partitioning.

Wall Cladding: The materials used here are highly sustainable with a lifespan of 15-25years depending on the material used, from sandwich panels to aluminium.

We provide innovative construction solutions for sustainable progress.

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