We offer and provide many solutions from our wide range of aluminium fabrications. Since aluminium has a lot of advantages, we leverage on these to design and construct structures ranging from staircases, railings for varenda, doors and windows.

  • Superstructure Lifespan of 50years
  • Standardized Details
  • No welding or adjustments
  • Assemble on site
  • Transportable
  • Connectable to Large spaces

Aluminium because of its features such as its light weight, strength, durability and attractive appearance has been applied in the construction of structures in office complexes, auditoriums, schools, and luxurious buildigs.

Our designs are not limited as we also work with customers specifications and desire.

We use top quality grade aluminium in building and constructing frames or structures for modern buildings.

The overall benefits of aluminium makes it an easily sustainable product. The flexibility of its design, its ability to match the environment, its durability, low maintenance and resistance to corrosion makes it last long with little or no maintenance cost.

We provide innovative construction solutions for sustainable progress.

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Fosatrade Integrated Limited is a privately held construction company that specializes in Pre-fab houses, portacabin, fabrication of steel structure and Architectures.The services we provide to our clients ranges from designing, 3D modelling, fabrication and branding.

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